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Life With A Sip Of Coffee


Today Was the first day I did coding. It was hard but fun. So dude next to me didn’t really do his work. He made a dog be like a fidget spinner. It was weird. Then I finished and did another type of coding. I couldn’t finish that. That’s what happened.

Life With A Sip Of Coffee


Hi, again my name is Benjahmin. Sorry I am not doing my blog about WWE. Instead, I will be doing it about my life. If you are wondering why it say’s Tinkerbell, I will tell you. Tinkerbell is my dog’s name. She is one and still a puppy. She thinks she’s cute and is a princess, but she’s not.

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Yeap that’s her. She used to have a sister, but she died. Her name was Pixie. I loved her, but before Tinkerbell Pixie had a brother named Romeo. I loved them both, but when God calls them up It time for them to go. Thanks for reading.

My Life

This day I had soccer practice. We went in a circle and started to pass the ball around. Then we had a game. It wasn’t important, but we won by a lot. Then my coach took me to my church because my mom was there and my dad, and brother. My brother had Youth. That’s why I had to go to my church.