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WWE whats going on

This week on smack down live. Daniel Bryan comes out. He talks about what happened in Hell in a cell. Then Keven Owens come out with Sami Zayn. The first match is bobby roode and Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler won and I was ok.

Image result for Dolph ziggler wins 2017 Then the main event is Sami and Keven Owens, against Randy and Shinsuke Nakamura. they fought all they could but only one team wins. Its Keven and Sami.

Image result for kevin owens and sami zayn beat randy orton and shinsuke

WWE Whats going on

Monday’s WWE Raw acted as a celebration of The Shield’s return.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins kicked off the show in their old gear.  Then the crowd went wild.

Then the Shield, but not Roman. The Shield won so that’s good. Now main event time. Roman against Brawn. Roman was winning until Kane came out and beat him up. Then Brawn pined and wined. That’s it.

Whats going on.

James and Bliss will face each other in a couple of weeks for the Raw Women’s title in a feud that began because Bliss is constantly calling James old.

I don’t know why that would be a storyline, but that is the case in WWE.

In storyline, James is old, but in reality, she is younger than the likes of Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. I don’t think they’re going to be called old any time soon.

Also in reality, James is only getting and looking better with age, so she is all right in my book.

Fans have speculated for years whether or not WWE was ever going to introduce Sister Abigail as an actual character on WWE television.

After Randy Orton burnt down the shack that housed her remains before WrestleMania (Remember that garbage?), it looked as though had no interest in ever doing it.

That was until Monday night.

WWE, desperate to keep this Bray Wyatt-Finn Balor feud going, had Wyatt bring up Sister Abigail by saying that she never lied to him. Later, he said that Abigail is alive and is dying to meet Balor.

Basically, Wyatt wants to see Balor’s demon again, .cam

and he plans to combat that with Abigail.

After Wyatt said Abigail is alive, his face became pretty scary looking.

Then roman and miz, miz won. that is it for today.

WWE Whats going on.

Ever since Bliss came over to Raw, she has been taking shots at James and the fact that she has been in the wrestling business for a long time.

Bliss never misses a chance to make some sort of snide remark about Jame’s experience.

Apparently, James has heard enough and isn’t going to take it anymore, as she confronted Bliss Monday night.

James didn’t cut a tremendous promo, but she did send a direct shot across the brow of Bliss by saying she still wears a training bra, which received a fantastic reaction from Bliss.

I don’t expect anything to come from this other than James keeping Bliss busy until Asuka arrives on Raw, but for one night, this was pretty entertaining and will hopefully make for a good match or two.

Image result for alexa bliss and mickie james raw

Before he destroyed Amore, Strowman put the Raw roster on notice that he was not happy about losing to Brock Lesnar at No Mercy and that he was on a path of destruction.

Strowman made that quite clear after laying waste to Curt Hawkins, who was looking to break his 115-match losing streak, only to be slammed through the LED board on the stage.

It wasn’t technically a loss for Hawkins, but he certainly didn’t come away a winner either.

After balling up Hawkins, Strowman demanded some real competition. Ambrose was the only person crazy enough to answer his challenge. Ambrose lost but it was okay. Thats it for today.

WWE No Mercy Results

The first person to have a match is Elisa vs Apollo. Elisa was the winner. Everyone hates Elisa. Then the next match is the intercontinental champions match. Jason Jordan vs The Miz. the Miz was the won who cheated. He used the Miz Trousers. Then The Miz won. Then Jason Jordan said “I’d like to fight.” The crowd was fired up.

Related image

The next match is Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt. Before the match even started Bray Wyatt side attacked Finn. Then that hurt his ribs. Then he had to go out of the match, but he actuary came back and fought. Then were doing punches and kicks. Then Finn did a Coup de Grace. Then 3 seconds later he won.

Image result for finn balor beat bray wyatt no mercy

Next the tag team champions match. Seth and Dean against Cesaro and Sheamus. They had a hard fight. Then Dean pushed Cesaro into the post and Cesaro front teeth pushed up his mouth. Then Seth and Dean worked together, and got the win.

Image result for seth and dean win 2017

Alexa Bliss d. Nia Jax, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Emma to get the Raw Women’s title.Bliss pinned Bayley after a DDT for the win. WWE had really, really missed the boat with Bayley, who should be one of their top starts, especially among girls.

Related image

The best match this match was Roman and John Cena. That match was great. John did 3 AA’s on Roman, and 1 super AA [a super AA is when he is on the turn buckle ans does an AA] Then Roman did a Superman Punch and a Spear. 3 seconds later he won.

Image result for roman reigns

Enzo Amore against Neville for  the Cruiser weight championship. Enzo took the belt and when the reffere but it back Enzo did low blow, and won.

Image result for enzo amore

Disappointing match. Lesnar kicked out of the powerslam. Lesnar gave Strowman five german suplexes and hit and F-5 for the pin. Crowd was not ready for that to be the finish.

Image result for Brock lesnar

WWE Whats going on

We still haven’t received an update on how Chairman Vince McMahon is doing after Kevin Owens headbutted him bloody before kicking and frog splashing him into some damaged ribs. Probably because the 70 year old just went to the gym and started working out and writing this week’s Raw instead of talking to a doctor.

Image result for mcmahon wwe head budded by keven owens

What we will get is some follow-up from that shocking scene, and the match Mr. McMahon made before it went down – Hell in a Cell between KO and Shane O’Mac at next month’s pay-per-view (PPV) – when the younger McMahon addressed what happened to his pops.

he finally gave Tye Dillinger a fair shot, but it didn’t lead to a perfect ending for The Perfect Ten. In fact, it didn’t work out so great for United States champ AJ Styles, either. Because the man who kept messing with Dillinger as he tried to answer The Phenomenal One’s open challenge ran in to almost cost AJ the title, and even after Styles got Tye to tap, both men took a beating from The Lone Wolf. After delivering End of Days onto the floor, Corbin informed the champ he was answering the challenge this week.

In the latest great match in a feud that’s been full of them, Big E and Kofi Kingston won The New Day’s fourth Tag team championship in a street fight with The Usos. After some twerking on the Las Vegas strip, it’s time to get back to business… which will probably include one more rematch with Jimmy and Jey. For once, we’re not complaining about that clause in the contracts, though. Actually, according to the official preview for this show, they’ll still be celebrating! Business next week, I guess.

Naomi came up short in her rematch against Women’s titleholder Natalya – thanks in part to the involvement of Ms. Money in the Bank, Carmella. It’s not clear what’s next for the current or previous champ, but Natty will have to keep her eyes on Carmella. Especially now that she’s holding the leash in her relationship with friend-who-is-a-boy, James Ellsworth. Tonight, she’ll do that by holding a “Celebration of Women”… which sounds good, but coming from a heel champ, probably is all about the Queen of Harts.

So that’s smack down live.



WWE blog whats going on

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax John Cena and Roman Reigns continue their war of words. Enzo Amore looks for revenge after being attacked by The Miztourage. Braun Strowman prepares for Brock Lesnar. WWE Addresses every feud before No Mercy on Sunday. A tribute to Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.Image result for bobby the brain heenan cause of death

Raw opens with a title card paying tribute to Bobby Heenan before going into the usual intro graphics. When we go live to the arena, Kurt Angle makes his way out to the usual chants of “You suck.” Angle talks about Cena vs. Reigns and Lesnar vs. Strowman, but before he can get to any other matches on the card, The Miz interrupts him with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Maryse is not there, so we may not see her again until after she gives birth.

Image result for The miz talking in ring raw with kurt angle

The Miz complains about not having a match on the No Mercy card. Then Kurt Angle says Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Elias and Jason Jordan will compete to see who gets to face Miz for the Intercontinental title. Miz says there are countless Superstars more deserving than Jordan like Dallas and Axel.


Miz criticizes Angle’s ability to manage Raw and how he has failed to be a father to Jordan. This brings out Jordan to threaten Miz. He suggests Angle add Dallas and Axel to the No. 1 Contender’s match and Angle agrees. Miz insults Jordan, so the former tag team champion tackles him. Dallas and Axel try to pull him off, but he ends up sending all three men out of the ring while Angle watches.

Next Aalexa Bliss against Nia Jaxs.The usually confident Alexa looks scared as Jax heads to the ring. Bliss rolls out of the ring to avoid having to face Jax head on. She goes for a waistlock, but Nia throws her off with ease. The champ tries to hide behind the ref, but Jax grabs her and lifts her in the air. Alexa escapes and slaps her in the face. She ends up leaving the ring and walking up the ramp like she is going to quit. Sasha Banks comes out to block her escape and she runs right into Jax. We head to a break with Nia in total control.

We return to see Bliss trying to make a comeback. She jumps off the top rope right into Nia’s arms. She drops her with a Samoan Drop and gets the win. Sasha Banks immediately jumps on Jax and starts punching her in the head. The Boss gets thrown off, but before Jax can do anything else, Bayley comes out without her arm sling. Bliss and Banks stand up and they all take down Jax with a triple spear.

Image result for Miz complains For no match at no mercy raw 9/17

Bliss tries to celebrate with Banks and Bayley, but they aren’t having it. Banks kicks her and Bayley hits a suplex.

WWE shows some Superstars paying tribute to Bobby Heenan on Twitter when we return. Cole says the tributes to The Brain will continue throughout the night. Then we get a video package for Lesnar vs. Strowman. Then Strowman starts and says that he will beat him at No Mercy for the belt.

Image result for brock and strowman no mercy

Then its are mane event is Jason Jordan,  the Hardy boys, Elisa, Bo Dallas, and Curt Angel. There is only one winner, that’s Jason Jordan. The Miz was mad.

Image result for jason jordan winsImage result for jason jordan wins